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Legislative Update- Action Needed!

Monday, February 28, 2022 10:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Thank you so very much to all who made telephone calls and sent e-mails opposing HB 1171 - to add a Right to Reproductive Liberty to the Declaration of Rights of the Maryland Constitution.   It helped.  At the Voting Session of the House Health and Government Operations Committee HB 1171 was held until the end and then the Chairman postponed consideration of amendments or voting on the three bills dealing with abortion and abortion funding and training until this coming Friday, March 4th.  

We will send out an Alert on Wednesday. We need your telephone calls and e-mails on Thursday, March 3 to members of the HGO Committee to oppose  

HB 1171 - Constitutional Amendment - Right to Reproductive Liberty

HB 0937 - Abortion Clinical Care Training Program & Training Fund

HB 0952 - Abortion Care and Health Insurance Act.

While we have been focused on the Maryland General Assembly's action, The U.S. Senate will vote today on HR 3755 - Womens Health Protection Act.

Please call the following Senators and urge them to vote AGAINST HR 3755.

This legislation has already passed the House of Representatives. This is our last chance to stop it.

Senator Ben Cardin - 202-224-4524

Senator Chris Van Hollen - 202-224-4654

Senator Susan Collins - 202-224-2523

Senator Lisa Markowski - 202-224-6665

HR 3755

  • Imposes abortion on demand nationwide throughout every stage of pregnancy  
  • Bans pro-life laws nationally AND in every state and local government 
  • Forces Americans to financially support abortions in the U.S. & abroad
  • Likely force health care providers to participate in abortions against their beliefs
  • Likely to force employers and insurers to cover or pay for abortion.

I want to encourage you to review the bills under the Environment, Energy and Housing heading.  There is a strong effort to increase the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2030 and beyond.  We need to focus on the impact on the reliability of our energy sources during bad weather events and the cost to individuals and businesses.  In addition, SB 871 (HB 1259) will have a hearing in the Senate EHE on March 3.  SB 871 - will require every local government to amend their zoining laws to allow accessory dwelling units in single-family residential communities with little to no restrictions.   

Finally, I want to bring to your attention HB 832 to establish the Maryland Homeschooling Advisory Council.  HB 832 will be heard in the Ways and Means Committee on Thursday, March 3.  One has to wonder if this bill will lead to requirements to teach subjects that homeschooling parents will oppose. 

The Council membership is heavily oriented to large counties. 

Thank you for all of your efforts. We are halfway through the Legislative Session. 

I hope to see all of you at MFRW's Red Scarf Legislative Day on March 8. 



Ella Ennis 

Legislative Chairman 

Maryland Federation of Republican Women 


<MFRW 2022 Legislative Update 2-27-22.docx>

Potomac, Maryland

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