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Legislative Weekly update- Action Items

Monday, March 07, 2022 10:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Thank you to the many people who sent e-mails and made calls opposing HB 1171 and HB 937 this past two weeks.

On Friday, Republican Delegates on the Health and Government Operations Committee spoke up for unborn babies and opposed HB 1171 that places the unlimited right to abortion in the Declaration of Rights of the Maryland Constitution. But the majority on the committee voted for a favorable report (vote attached).  Every Dem. voted for the bill; every Republican voted against the bill.  The Dems refused to use the word "Abortion" in the Constitutional Amendment to reduce the possibility that voters will actually know that this amendment will remove any rights of a preborn baby to life from conception to birth, and perhaps beyond.

At the same voting session HB 937 - to establish a training program for abortion providers and a training fund paid for by Maryland taxpayers by imposing an annual budget mandate of $3,500,000.  It was mentioned that several states are restricting abortions and it is likely that more women will be seeking abortion services, so Maryland needs to increase the number of providers -- at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE. HB 937 was amended but I don't any information on the amendment as yet.  The Committee vote on HB 937 is attached - 16 Democrats voted in favor and 1 Democrat and all  7 Republicans voted No. 

HB 1171 and HB 937 will be on the floor of the House of Delegates to vote on this week.  It is very important that we contact all Delegatesand urge them to vote against both HB 1171 and HB 937.  (List of all Delegates and Telephone Numbers are attached).Call or e-mail your own Delegate(s) first.  Then call or e-mail any additional delegates that you are able and have time to contact.

In addition, on Friday, March 11, the House Health and Government Operations Committee will hold a hearing on HB 626, the Pregnant Persons Freedom Act of 2022. The Senate version, SB 669, is rescheduled for a hearing on March 15 in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.  It continues the assault on pre-born babies to remove any restrictions on abortion and adds a provision to prohibit any investigation or penalty for a person terminating their pregnancy or "experiencing a perinatal death related to a failure to act."  Perinatal is defined in the dictionary as the period from the 20th week of gestation to the 28th day of newborn life."  We truly must oppose this bill. 

There are many other bill hearings this week.  They are highlighted in red in the 3rd column of the Weekly Update.  Please take a few minutes to check them out.

Several bills dealing with education and race, history, culture and social justice are being heard.  We all want every student and every teacher to be respected and have the ability to take advantage of all educational opportunities.  At the same time we need to oppose radical curriculums and programs that pit one race, or gender or ethnic group against another. SB 0888 proposes an advisory board to recommend content and instructional methods to challenge racist, sexist, gender, or ability assumptions, attitudes and behaviors when they occur using principles and practices of restorative justice methods including their disciplinary actions. SB 0888 goes beyond race to also encompass attitudes about sexual groups in their social equity standards.  Another bill related to these issues is SB 0666 and would deal with public and private primary and secondary schools and pre-kindergardens.

There are numerous bills dealing with election processes that are being heard in the House Ways and Means Committee that we will want to support. Please review them and send supporting testimony and e-mails as you deem appropriate.

We are approaching "crunch time" at the General Assembly.  There are 5 weeks left in the Session.  We will see the action move from the committees to the full House and Senate.  We must remain watchful and be willing to voice our support or opposition to the legislation reaching the floor.  Our Republican legislators are working very hard for our values and they need and deserve our support.

On Tuesday, March 8, I hope you will attend our MFRW Legislative Red Scarf Day in Annapolis -- in person.  President Sharon has put together a great day for us.  We will have a chance to talk with Republican Senators and Delegates, enjoy a delicious brunch and learn new things.  



Ella Ennis

Legislative Chairman

Maryland Federation of Republican Women

hb1171_hgo favorable rpt.pdf

MFRW 2022 Legislative Update 3-06-22.docx

Potomac, Maryland

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