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Tuesday, May 10, 2022 10:40 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)



APRIL 10, 2022


Montgomery County is in transition. Like many of the jurisdictions around the country, Montgomery County is waking up to a new reality, a reality unlike what they envisioned for themselves and their families even 20 years ago.

Our County has become a place where people don’t feel safe in their homes and children aren’t safe in school. The Montgomery County Public School system has devolved from being one of the top public school systems in the nation, to not even being top in the state of MarylandOur local economy has stagnated and fallen behind Northern Virginia, Prince George's County and even Washington, DC.  Our residents and business owners feel over-mandated, controlled, and subordinate to local leaders who are tone deaf to the real issues addressing the County.

County residents are fed up and have grown weary with the current County leadership that has propagated the same failed policies and played musical chairs with the same people for 12 years with no real progress. County residents are seeing the worsening violent crime, decline in school performance, increasing debt to finance the county budget, and moribund business and job growth. This is not sustainable

The time for change and new leadership is now.

We need leaders that can bring common sense back to our local government. Specific strategies include reviewing our current expenses before committing to new ones; prioritizing County spending so our tax dollars are focused on need-to-have rather than nice-to-have programs; partnering with local business instead of being an impediment to progress; supporting and funding our police and first responders; having our children taught the core basic educational requirements in reading, math and science, as well as the arts; and providing mental and financial help to those in real need.

Even with the mess that the current county leadership has left us with, I still have hope that the voters “get it.” That simple, basic, conservative values will make a resurgence…but the time to act is now. It’s time to get out from behind your keyboard, get off Facebook and get in the ring.

We can’t make a change until we get good people in office.

With only a week to file, we need great candidates. If you have the fire in the belly and want to make real change in in Montgomery County, please  contact me at Chairman@MCGOP.com

Come join us and be part of the RED WAVE in Montgomery County - Be Silent No Longer - stand up, speak up and together we will make a difference!!

Potomac, Maryland

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