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Marc King...An Open Letter to Greg Abbott, Governor Texas

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 3:17 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


My View From Inside The Turret

Marc King

Apr 8

Dear Governor Abbott:

I am a resident of Germantown, Maryland, a DC suburb. The county that I live in, Montgomery, is a “Sanctuary County” … never stated, but clearly actioned. The State of Maryland is also a Sanctuary State. You know how the mantra goes … “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses … Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me” …. and we will ensure that they are provided EBT Cards, legal services, housing and schools, all at the Maryland taxpayers’ expense.

Please understand that the actions you have recently announced to bus illegal border crossers on chartered busses is exactly the kind of action that needs to be taken and I for one stand with you. The inaction by the Biden Administration is frustrating enough to make one’s hair hurt and it does not appear that Biden or his Vice President is going to hear the voices of a majority of Americans not to turn off Title 42 and get the rest of the border crisis under control. The plight of the small towns along the border has been heard loud and clear by those who understand what is happening to these communities. We get it!

Bringing the problem to DC will be a media event for sure … a media event that will be short lived and when all the cameras are gone and all the media outlets have excoriated you for such bold action, guess who will be left with the problem!! Not the politicians on Capitol Hill: Not the Mayor of DC and most certainly, NOT JOE BIDEN. No, the problem will migrate to the counties surrounding DC and Montgomery County, Maryland will be the first target when DC says “not here” – of that, I am sure.

Information provided to us in a report: The Cost of Illegal Immigration to Marylanders, by Jack Martin, Director of Special Projects, Federation for American Immigration Reform spells out our situation currently:

Maryland’s policy towards illegal aliens has resulted in a fast growing illegal alien population and a rapidly increasing fiscal burden on the state’s taxpayers. Unsatisfied with the accommodations already in place for illegal aliens, the state legislature adopted a measure in 2011 (SB 167) that allows illegal aliens to extend their taxpayer funded education beyond public elementary and secondary schooling to higher education.

·         The state’s taxpayers currently pay nearly $1.9 billion in taxes because of the presence of an estimated 295,000 illegal aliens plus nearly 68,000 children born in the United States to illegal aliens.

·         In-state tuition for illegal aliens in post-secondary schools will cost the state’s taxpayers more than $28 million annually under the 2011 legislation if approved by the voters. This cost to taxpayers will increase as more illegal aliens move to Maryland.

·         The average Maryland household headed by an American or legal resident shares an annual burden of about $910 to cover the costs of the state’s illegal alien population.

·         Because more than two-thirds of the cost of illegal immigration in Maryland is for education (see chart), and much of that cost is funded locally, the fiscal cost burden is heavier where the illegal alien population is greatest. Montgomery and Prince George’s county taxpayers have a greater than average annual burden ($1,420 and $1,025 respectively).

Maryland has a fast growing foreign-born population not only in absolute numbers but also in the share of the overall population. In 1980, the foreign-born population numbered 195,581 (4.6% of the total population). In 2010, the foreign-born population was 803,695 (13.9% of the overall population). That rapid surge in the foreign-born population includes both legal and illegal immigrants, although it is generally accepted that the illegal alien population is underestimated in the Census numbers.

The solution to this dilemma is as apparent as the nose on one’s face --- Charter busses are just as able to get to the State Capitals in Delaware and New York. I don’t think we should deny Chuck Schumer or Sandy Cortez the opportunity to play. And let’s not forget California (San Francisco and Sacramento, perhaps), New Jersey and Connecticut, Massachusetts and Michigan and New Hampshire. It’s just not good enough to say every state is a border state! YOU have the power to make it a living reality for those who do not have to deal with the problem except in the abstract!

So, in closing, I would ask you to rethink this bussing policy before you enact it. Spread the pain across those members of Congress who support this open border policy while sending billions of dollars to Ukraine to “defend their sovereign border!”

We both know that, in the end, bussing illegal border crossers     to DC is not going to come anywhere near the White House. It will only impact my house and those of my neighbors here in the State of Maryland.

Very Respectfully,

Marc A. King

Germantown, Maryland

My View From Inside The Turret

Marc King

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