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Wednesday, May 11, 2022 12:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


My View From Inside The Turret

Marc King

17 hr ago


Today, May 10, 2022, Joe Biden took to the stage, in his fake White House,

nypost - The “FAKE” White House

to read us a statement about the causes for our current round of inflation and what he plans to do to solve it. At least that is what he said he intended to talk about. Instead what we got was more gaslighting … blaming inflation on the pandemic and Putin! This man is the President of the United States, the economy of the country is in free fall, and he takes no responsibility for this situation. After making his remarks, he was asked directly by a reporter whether he has any responsibility for the current state of inflation and his response … “I think our policies help, not hurt.”

This speech was a clear and, dare I say, unsuccessful attempt to place the blame on Republicans for the current dilemma. After blaming COVID and Putin, Biden went on to tell us that inflation is his highest priority --- clearly empty words written in a teleprompter for him to repeat. He told us again about the oil that is being released from the strategic oil reserve, but failed to mention that this is having no effect on the price of fuel at the pump.

foxbusiness - $6.89 for a gallon of Diesel

What he is doing is placing a burden on those who will follow him in the White House to replace that oil at who knows what cost.

The supply chain is still not functioning correctly … although Joe thinks he solved the container handling problem at the ports.  He told us there are not enough trucks to move the containers --- but that is a lie. There are plenty of trucks.

depositphotos - There are plenty of trucks…

Many are owned by independent owner-operators who are finding that they can no longer afford to fill the tanks on their trucks with diesel fuel averaging well over $5 dollars a gallon. Where a trip to the west coast used to require, on average, $600 out and $600 back, it is now costing, on average, $2,000 - $3,000 to make the same trip and the small businessman cannot absorb that kind of cost and have their business survive. This causes the trucker community to alter their normal patterns and take shorter distance hauls to stay in business.

Once again, Biden told us about the cost savings to middle Americans based on his efforts to reduce drug prices. Coming back to the old story of getting the price of insulin for diabetes reduced.

medicine eu

A move that would certainly benefit those Americans who need to take insulin in their daily life --- but there are approximately 7.4 million Americans with diabetes who use one or more formulations of insulin. This is in a country of some 300,000,000 Americans.

Rising costs are patently obvious to us when we go to the grocery store or the gas pump --- yet Joe looks straight into the camera and says rising costs are the Republicans fault using his poll tested phraseology --- “It’s the Republican Ultra MAGA Plan.” So, let’s break that down for those who might not be familiar with the Ultra MAGA Plan. This is a proposal that was put forward by Senator Rick Scott of Florida. Biden tells us that this Ultra MAGA Plan will raise taxes on all Americans. Sen. Scott takes the time in his proposal to remind us that only about 50% of all Americans actually pay income tax to the government. That by definition means that the other 50% pay nothing into the system.

marketwatch - Not everyone has “Skin in the Game”

Consequently, when the government proposes yet another wild or hairbrained spending spree, fully 50% of the country simply does not care. After all, they have “No Skin in the Game.” And this is the point that Sen. Scott makes in his Ultra MAGA Plan --- every American should pay something, even a marginally small amount, so that they care and recognize when and on what the government is spending their money.

After telling us about the corporations that do not “pay their fair share” or the billionaires that “do not pay their fair share,” Biden still has not put forth a single policy proposal that might result in positive change. He is grousing about those corporations that are paying the Trump era corporate tax of 21%. It is important to remember that prior to Trump reducing the corporate tax from 32% to 21%, many of the corporations were “inverted,” meaning they did their business in the US while holding their corporate headquarters offshore in an effort to avoid paying the 32% tax --- the highest corporate tax rate in the entire world at the time.

edgersynder - American corporations belong in America

When Congress lowered the rate, corporations that had moved offshore or were inverted returned to the US and brought, with them, jobs and well over a trillion dollars in tax payments. But Joe does not like to talk about that.

Not quite done yet … Joe takes one more stab at trying to convince us that the Ultra MAGA Plan IS the GOP’s proposal for solving inflation. LIE! The Ultra MAGA Plan is not the Republican position on this matter. It is simply one idea among others. It is being used by Senator Scott to collect data and ideas from fellow lawmakers and the American public about the best solutions for implementation when Republicans take back the House and Senate in ’22. Currently, the Democrats control the House, Senate and White House and they are the party that needs to have a plan --- and they have none! But clearly, Ultra MAGA Plan was poll tested along with the phrase MAGA REPUBLICANS --- it tested well with the base, so Joe is going to go with it.

Americans can see what is happening every day … prices keep rising and this Administration has nothing but gaslighting for the public. No real solutions when we all know there are some that will work. Joe needs to uncouple from his Green Agenda, turn on the fracking, stop spending, keep the corporate tax rates low so companies don’t start inverting themselves again and above all --- stop lying to the American public. Biden has dropped $33 billion on Ukraine’s Sovereign Border and he is about to repeal Title 42 and the US will suffer the biggest wave of illegal immigrants coming across our Sovereign Southern Border. Now, how is that fair and just for the people of this country? WE ALL PAY FOR IT --- one way or another.

So maybe the Party of MAGA --- MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN --- is not an identification to be shunned --- but rather a concept to be embraced --- It worked before and it can work again.

ideventos - MAGA

Now, in closing, let me say … I’m not in the business of assigning Pinocchio’s … but today’s speech should get nothing less than four Pinocchio’s --- anything less would be another lie!

facebook - Stop the Lying

Potomac, Maryland

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